Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Christmas is such a precious and sacred time in all of our lives.
Each year that we get to cherish this season celebrating the birth and life of our Savior, teaching such precious truths to our children...we grow as a family. Closer to one another and closer to Him.
This was my favorite Christmas decoration of all.

And once the tree is up and glittering, our home becomes magical.

 Decorations aren't a commercial thing to me. They are a constant reminder all around us...every we walk, everywhere we look, that this is a special season and time. To reflect on Christ and our blessings. It's all around us. I love being surrounded by it all.

Our family is so lucky to have a daddy that LOVES to celebrate the season and decorate our house with twinkling lights! He always does such a fabulous job...even if it does make me CRAZY nervous!


I love the sound of Christmas carols ringing through our home... 

Even Erik played Christmas Carols for us all the time! 

Gifts aren't everything, but I love receiving thoughtful gifts & Christmas Cards from friends and loved ones that put smiles on our faces and in our hearts. My darling friend Brooke gave me her new album that just came out and a book that I've been desperately wanting to read. It's unexpected thoughtfulness like this that warms my heart during the season.

I was on the Activity Committee in our ward this year (again I know haha...can't seem to
 escape this calling) and we had a blast putting together a fabulous and memorable Ward Christmas Party! I served with such a talented and dedicated group of ladies!

And of course, Christopher the Elf takes up rent in our home for a month. We love his shenanigans...sometimes.

Our family visited Temple Square to see the lights again. Family traditions. It may be our last time for a while so it meant a little more to us this year.

We always love having Grandma & Grandpa Hunt along with us on our family adventures!

Plenty of memories with family.
Me and the sisters were all kind of dying over the dollhouse Grandpa Bart got the kids for his house. They couldn't pull us away from putting it together. Some things never change...
 Christmas treats for neighbors
And Christ-Centered Family Nights

Our cute little Christmas nuggets on Christmas Sunday!
Christmas Eve morning traditions
Santa Pancakes!
Christmas Eve Finger Food Feast at The Hunts!
Probably my FAVORITE tradition.
And obviously their's too. Who needs chairs when you can just eat right off the table?

Ahhh...the magic of waiting for the children to wake up...

My favorite present of all was this custom Princess Themed Barbie House/Castle. I designed it myself and then Erik built it. Then I painted and decorated it. I collected the furniture for over a year and collected the dolls for 3 years. This was the first time they have ever had a Barbie and it was a really fun way to introduce them to Barbies! The only dolls they have are the Disney princess and prince dolls so it only seemed fitting to make them a custom castle!

 Last, one of my favorite things about Christmas this year was reading this wonderful book. It's amazing and definitely going to be a new personal tradition for me and the family from here on out.

December Project Roundup

 Here are just a few things you'll see over on my DIY Blog for December!

DIY Deer Silhouette

 Easy Dollar Store Christmas Wreaths

DIY NOEL Letters

Cone Tree Display Details

These cute little dolls I made for presents 

My new favorite glasses!

And I also made these little Christmas dresses for the girls!

Lava Getaway

A tradition I've shared on the blog many times in the past is a holiday favorite. Erik's parents hit the road with boxes full of Christmas songs in tow for a 2 hour drive to Soda Springs, Idaho in search of the perfect Christmas Tree.
We've brought home one before and I LOVED the experience, but I'm a frigid old maid that must have her pre-lit fake Christmas tree. My bad. #perfectionistproblems

This trip was special to me because I haven't been able to make it up since I was pregnant with the girls. I was about 12 weeks along with the girls and dealing with some minor complications and it just wasn't safe for me to be hiking or doing anything unnecessarily strenous. Just not worth it. The next year the girls were still too small and the year after that, well I just didn't want to spend money on 3 pairs of snow boots and snowsuits for one trip. So finally we've made it back.
I wanted to have our Christmas Card pics taken up there this time since we would be surrounded by a magical winter wonderland. It seemed fitting. Something different to shake up the usual.
I sewed the girls some ruffle cardigans & Grandma Hunt crocheted (?) some ear warmers for them.
I'll admit, it all came together much cuter in my mind but I love this little family of mine and I'm going to treasure these pictures forever!
Red noses and all...

My handsome boys
This is their 7th year up there together!

Mama and her Hallie. Right where she likes to be.
 I am blessed beyond measure. Like WAAAAY beyond.
 Look at these little turkeys!
 Payten and her look-alike
 Just Us.
 These ladies loved the snow! Saydee got tired of waiting for a sled and finally started sliding down in her snowsuit. Resourceful.